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Review. Alena Goco

If the know the feeling “there is no space in my closet but I still have nothing to wear”, it’s time to ask for help. I got very lucky to be introduces to Tina by a very good friend (Thank you, Natalia, once again!).

Tina is a very talented lady. I have an amazing experience working with her.

Tina revised my closet and explained why I should or shouldn’t wear every single piece of my clothes. She was very patient, polite, diplomatic and I had no regrets donating a huge bag of clothes after. Then we went shopping and when she put the look together I saw myself from a different angle and I loved it.

Tina explained me the basic rules/ideas/concepts of clothes that suits me - my body type, my colors, my inner world. She does not put together just a look, she helps you to have your own style through out all the clothes you pick and makes you have your own uniqueness in it.

Thank you, darling, for me who I had wanted to be! You’re such a sunshine! Everyone who gets to know you becomes a little better!

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