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Help protect my family in Kherson, Ukraine

My sister is in Kherson,

She and her husband are volunteering for city defense in the Kherson region

The region is under attack 60-80 times per day. My parents are across the river on the occupied by Russians side.

Ruslan’s brother is in the city defense and he is the one who suggesting on what they need.

Depending on my financial situation, I’m sending one box per 4-6 weeks.

They requested medical supplies the first time. So I sent a lot of bandaids, anti-infection ointments, a lot of painkillers…

Then they requested headlamps, power banks, and more 1-st aid kits.

Last box was for the amount of $760,

Also, my sister takes care of 5 dogs, because their owners got killed or left. And she requested some sweaters and medications for them.

I’m shipping the boxes first to my friends in Kyiv and then they sending them to Kherson. We decided to do that, because the post services in Kherson works on and off within the danger situation in the city.

It takes around 10- 20 days to deliver from the US to Kyiv, there is no direct air connection, all packages fly to Poland and then going through the road. I’m using the company called Meest, it’s a Ukrainian shipping service, I’m usually spending $100-200. I’m receiving the tracking information, and my friend usually gets a call when the package is in Kyiv to schedule delivery.

Then my friend sending with local services Nova Poshta to Kherson.

New request from the guys are sleeping pads, (I ordered a few to check if it works), headlamps, power banks, 1-st ad kits, and bug sprays.

If you would like to help, my Venmo is @Tina-Iaroshenko, Zelle and PayPal: I will update you with photos and receips. Will appreciate any help! Thank you!

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